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Re: [IP] Non-member submission from [email @ redacted]

At 07:15 AM 5/8/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Sam I think that's what causee my penguin to leave, I miss him .  Maybe he
 >will come back now.

First, unless your penguin is subscribed and has a profile on file, it 
can't be on this list. We don't want to have anything sneaking in here. <vbg>

Second, if any of these penguins, ducks or other birds make a mess, you'll 
be required to do clean-up duty... otherwise, we'll have to ban your 
non-housebroken feathered friends from posting here. :-)

Third, any animal members must be either certified pumpers or in a current 
program to get onto a pump. A veterinarian's certification and member 
sponsorship will be required.


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