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Re: [IP] off-topic, unedited and html letters to insulin pumpers

I understand that the for some of the members on these
pages have mail programs that can not handle html. 
But there are alternatives, instead of trying to get
everyone to comply.  You can get a free email account
that  will allow you to see all the messages as they
were intended.  Now this wouldn't really help out
those who are on the digest version. But if you are on
the regular list, then you can go through things a lot
quicker.  I have been on both versions of the listing,
and I can read through 100 messages a lot easier than
I can through 20 digests containing the same messages.
 You see if you have it set up to receive each
message, then usually for those programs that can not
read html formatting, the plain text is at the top,
and the html is at a the bottom of the message. You
can read what is listed there at first, then delete
and move onto the next one, instead of having to
scroll through the entire body of text.Though if you
do have to read your email from a "free account" then
your online time would increase. And this might be a

Another solution would be reading the pumpers list
from the web page itself., there you will not have
problems with html coding.

I wish we could just get over the html things, and
continue with the information that each person is
going to be providing. 

We are not perfect, and sometimes we don't get all of
what we should snipped out of the email message.

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