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Re: [IP] Alarms and sleepless nights

Steph always has a problem with her Disetronic pump giving system alarms
when she wears her nylon wind suit pants UNLESS she wraps her pum in foil
first...she doesn't like wearing the case (too bulky) but we have had no
problems since we started wearing the foil-wrapped pump on nylon pants days!
Because the D has audio bolus signal, the foil doesn't present any hassles
when its time to bolus, either!

Betsy, mom of Stephanie, a 9 yo pumper
>> iJulie I got an A25 last week and when we called the rep told us that it
>> probably had to do with interference.  Electromagnetic something
>> interference.  It seems my youngest who is an ex preemie and has many
>> problems, has equipment that is causing interference.  I need to remember
>> keep the case on so it limits the interference.  I don't know if this
>> pertain to you but this is what I found out.
>This makes me wonder if it would help to wrap aluminum foil around the
insude of
>the case
>when you put the pump in. It might keep the electromagnetic interference
>even lower.
>Unfortunately it would probably hve to have a ground wire leading off to
>something else, so
>it's probably not reasonable.
>Ted Quick
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