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Re: [IP] emla cream

>Does inserting the Sils really hurt that much? Or is it more psychological?
>I really don't feel it at all when I put one in, unless it's in a bad
>spot (and I have very good sensation). So doesn't numbing the site mean
you then can't feel if it's a
>good spot or a bad spot?

Yep, I agree with you.  I want to be able to feel if I'm going into a
surface blood vessel or not.  I've found that they are all over the place
but just moving a few millimeters can make a big difference.  When I find a
spot with no blood vessel right there, the sil slides in with absolutely no
pain.  But, then I'm not a kid, being poked by someone else.  I think for
them, the psychological benefit of knowing it won't hurt must be worth
quite a bit.


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