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Re: [IP] Non-member submission from [email @ redacted]

Sam I think that's what causee my penguin to leave, I miss him .  Maybe he 
will come back now.  I have an endo in Idaho Falls who is thinking of 
starting a web site and possible chat room.  He would offer classes such as 
Carb counting, foot care, how meters work, neuropathy prevention and care, 
sick day management, Hypertension, aautonomic neuropathey, dealing with 
burnout, nephropathy, etc. He asked me to find out if there would be an 
interest in such a web site out there.  I told him I would ask people on the 
list.   if you would be interested please let me know at the my address or on 
the list.  
Don with no penguin
P.S. sorry this is the only way I know to get this posted. 
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