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[IP] Continued Humalog Problem Discussion

Re: Prblems with Homalog  Messages on 5-7-99

I would to thank Bob Burnett for such a prompt reply to my questions of
this afternoon.
Both of our histories sound like carbon copies.  A couple of items
really caught my attention:  1.  I do not remeber, but Natalie my wife
said that I also had a very mild rash during this time, 2.  Several
times I had the feelings that I was running low only to test and dicover
that high bg was the test result ( to the point that I was starting to
question the meter) and 3. the most important to me was a possible
thyroid problem. Maybe this might be the link.  For the past, approx.,
35 years I have been taking thyroid medicine
to inhibit the thyroid from working.  While your condition hypothyroid I
am very slightly the opposite.

At the moment I will be staying on velosulin but know that humalog will
be tried again.  Either way that your results turn out, please keep in
touch.  Good Luck!!
John " Obie " Oberriter
< obies @jps.net >

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