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Re: [IP] Scales

Joanne Mc wrote:

>Hi All:  I weigh my food on a Terraillon scale purchased at a kitchen supply 
>store quite a while back.  It takes up hardly any room on the kitchen counter 
>and has a platform that you can place a container on , then turn on the scale 
>and weigh whatever.  It automatically deducts the weight of the container if 
>it is placed on scale before pushing 'ON'.  It weighs foods in either ounces 
>or grams - handy.  I love the thing!

I use a Terraillon scale also - purchased it about 3 years ago. Takes a
licking, keeps on ticking. Mine cost less than $50 in a restaurant supply

Some time ago Michael raised some questions about the ability of digital
scales to properly "zero out" as you add food to a heavy plate on the
scale. This scale has always passed that test very well and I consider it
extremely accurate. Batteries last a long time, the display is easy to
read, etc.

Bob Burnett

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