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Hi all,

We have changed Kevin site several times since Monday already. Once when the 
hospital made us, another time when it hurt real bad, a 3rd time (all this in 
2 days) when it had been 2 days...NOW we put in the tender lastnight without 
a hitch, and I see a pin point of blood under the tender window that I'm 
wondering if I should worry about. Kevin says it does not hurt...

His bgs have been a bit whacky today, but we have been trying unusual foods 
for him. He had burger king bacon egg and cheese biscuit and it shot him in 
the 300's. We have had some trouble bringing him back down. THEN he had a pbj 
that seems to make him high for a while too. We had a more "vanilla" dinner 
and hope to have better #'s tonight. 

Is it normal to see that site look like that? It's not red, just looks like a 
pin point of dry blood...perhaps from going in?  Please say yes?

Thank you to all of you that write me privately and answer my questions. You 
all are an inspiration.  I feel much better about my "analness" ha ha.  (is 
that a word???)


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