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[IP] Problems with Humalog

Re:  Profile of John Oberriter, 4-23-99
Re:  What are your problems with Humalog, ( Ted Quick 4-24-99 )

Since I submitted my profile on 4-23-99, my follow up has been very poor
due to travel and busy schedules.  The following will very briefly
summarize my experiences with humalog:

*   Started using full strengh humalog within 2 months of its
introduction.  Trouble free for 13 months using my stomach area and
changing infusion points every 3 to 5 days. At  that point bg went to
the 2,3 and 400 range.  After 4 days of changing canulas, tubing,
batteries and even the pump (one site change was within 4 hours of the
previous change ) I returned to Velosulin with  immediate impovement.
During  these 4 days, injections using a pen/humalog in the leg worked

* After this I included infusion points legs, sides, backside and
stomach areas.

* Did try 50/50 (humalog/velosulin) with very little avantage.

* November '98 went back to full strength humalog.  After three months
of successful use, (changing sites every 2 to 3 days) again, started BG
2 to 300 range for no apparent reason.  After 11/2 days switched back to


*Have other people experienced similar problems?
*Ted Quick mentioned on 4-24-99, that I may be experiencing an allergic
reaction.  If this is my case, are there any suggestions of how to avoid

Any help would be very much appreciated since I prefer the humalog
timing and can't wait to return to it.
Thank you.
John Oberriter
email @ redacted

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