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Re: [IP] MM batteries

pazit leibovich wrote:

> During the 3 months I am on the pump I had to change bateries every
> week!!!The MM rep said I might have used the wrong kind, so I made
> sure to check that I get the 357/ LR44 (although it sais SR44 on the
> back of the pump - the salespeople said this brand does not exist).
> Later she gave me official MM batteries that lasted a bit more than a
> month (which means the pump is ok) . I bought the exect same kind -
> but I was low bat again after a week. I bought my batteries in
> different stores - so it is not that either. The MM rep suggested I
> would buy batteries from the compeny, but that would make the whole
> "batteries avialable anywhere" advantage somewhat less of an
> advantage...Did anyone else have the same problem with batteries?
> I haven't had any problem with batteries, but I've always bought them
> from MiniMed. Why does it matter
> if they said "batteries available anywhere"? Besides which, my medical
> insurance pays for the battery kits
> from MiniMed, where I'd have to pay out of my pocket for ones bought
> in other places.
> Also note that batteries bought in Radio Shack or other retail stores
> may be of ANY age, and are usually
> older than you would expect. There is rather little turnover when they
> are sold for watches, so they just
> sit on the shelf and degrade for a few months or years before you show
> up needing them for your pump.
> Ted Quick
> email @ redacted

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