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[IP] Pregnancy & type 1


I have been a diabetic for 13 yrs and have had two beautiful
daughters.  One is 9 and the other is 5 yrs. old.  They are BOTH  very
healthy and "normal" little angles.
I had diabetes for  4 yrs prior to conception.  I am not going to say
all was a bowl of cherries because it was tough by times.  My first
time was not to bad.  I had highs and lows and was sick for 5 months
during the pregnancy.  It is important to keep a reasonable blood
glucose level.  Not only do you suffer the effects but junior does
too.  If your sugars are all over the place it can do damage to the
fetus.  My sugars were far from perfect but I did try.  I only wish
that I had this wonderful pump while I was pregnant.  I know that if
I had it, it would have been alot easier to control my diabetes but
anyway we won't ponder over spilt milk.

Most diabetic women will not carry full term. That is because we tend
to have big babies.  No fear it is not that bad.  My 9 yr. old was 3
weeks early and weighed 8 lbs 5ozs.  My 5 yr. old was 5 weeks early
and weighed 11lbs.  I had natural child birth without drugs.  My
babies tend to come quickly - 2 hrs labor with both.  I was told that
if we decided to have another baby it could possibly weigh 14 lbs so
we quit while we were ahead.

My first had no problems at birth but my second had extremely low
blood sugars and stopped breathing for a few minutes. This was also
caused because she was 5 wks. early.  The doctor on call had alot to
do with the complications too ( we'll save that for another day).

Anyway, neither of my children have diabetes "yet". Knock on wood that
they never will.  If they do however, it's not the end of the world
and we will deal with it at the time.

Oh, during my second pregnancy - I was sick for 71/2 months. My sugar
level was BAD.  That is why Alyssa was so large.

All that I can say is don't let diabetes stop you from having a
family.  Hearing and hugging my girls everyday makes all of the pain
go away.  I live for my angles and would not let an obsticle like
diabes defeat me. I am a fighter - so are my girls.

Sure diabetes is crappy to have.  But when you look around at all of
the beauty that's out there it's worth every last breath.  I have seen
alot of sickness in my time and all I can say is that being a diabetic
ain't all that bad.  I figure that it could be alot worse.  Don't let
diabetes stand in your way of happiness.  It's not worth getting old

Anyway, best of luck.
Stacey Phillips

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