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[IP]: Scales

I just picked up a Sunbeam digital scale that also zeros in the
and can read in oz or kg.  I have found it very accurate.  I paid about
$35 and got it at a Kitchen Etc.  Unfortunately they are local to
and New Hampshire. (I don't know where you live).  But as someone else
you should be able to find them at any "kitchen store."  Another idea is
goto the store you usually buy kitchen supplies from.  If they don't
carry them
you can ask them if they could, you could ask them to order one for you,
when all else fails order one from the web.  Kitchen Etc has a website
they will gladly sell you anything in their catalog and mail it to you.

Their site is: www.kitchenetc.com

Hope that helps.

- - Sherry

PS. I don't have any connection with Kitchen Etc. other then my
to kitchen utensils.  I just can't stop buying them.  :)
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