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Re: [IP] Non-member submission from [email @ redacted]

At 10:47 AM 5/7/1999  Kerfoot/Riganti wrote:
Sam Skopp wrote:
 > This message was returned because you have been unsubscribed and are no
 > longer allowed to send messages to the list.
 >Is this for real?  Of course I still want ot be on the List.  I have not
 >in the last 24 hours asked to be unsubscribed!

For all of our loyal members... the above message from me was accidentally 
sent to the whole list. It was completely unintentional and intended as a 
personal message to a member who was having problems. It is not being sent 
to any of you personally (look at the "To" field on your messages). 
Honestly... we really want you all here. Just delete my silly message and 
all will be well. If you are still getting pumpers mail then you are still 
subscribed. If you are having any problems, please let us know (see the 
HELP email address below).

Sorry for the confusion. Yesterday was a loooong day... (sigh)

(very red faced and contrite)

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