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[IP] Scales

Hi All:  I weigh my food on a Terraillon scale purchased at a kitchen supply 
store quite a while back.  It takes up hardly any room on the kitchen counter 
and has a platform that you can place a container on , then turn on the scale 
and weigh whatever.  It automatically deducts the weight of the container if 
it is placed on scale before pushing 'ON'.  It weighs foods in either ounces 
or grams - handy.  I love the thing!

My nutritionish said there are some really fancy ones out there that do all 
kinds of singing and dancing - and cost around $200.00 plus.  This little 
Terraillon scale was around $60.00 I think and works great.

'Happy Scales to You..(she sings...) Until We Meet Again...'

Joanne Mc
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