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Re: [IP] teaching

In a message dated 5/5/99 8:36:51 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<i would like to be a secondary english or history teacher, and i am
just wondering how diabetes affects your job, if at all... my mom keeps
telling me not to become a teacher(she teaches second grade), and says that
it's hard to take sick days,  health insurance is bad, don't get paid
enough, too much stress, etc etc etc...>>

I taught for many years and am now an school principal all while diabetic.  
Yes the job is stressfull, does not pay what it should, has long hours (for 
conscientious teachers) and creates guilt when you are away from the kids, 
but the health insurance in most districts is usually better than the private 
My life now as a principal is far more more hectic than as a teacher, but 
diabetes is not the problem.  The key is being open about it.  Everyone in my 
school, kids included know I'm diabetic.  They see me doing blood tests 
often.  They know I get to snack whenever I want to (so maybe I take 
advantage on that one).

If you want to be a teacher, go for it.  The profession needs the best 
dedicated professionals available.  Don't let diabetes get in the way of your 

Good luck,

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