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[IP] Three days to go...

Well we are just three days out from Brandon, age 7 dx 10/93, going "live" on 
the pump. And I have to admit as excited as I am, I am strating to get a 
little nervous about it. Is this normal? (gosh I hope so). I am still having 
problems with the school nurse, with her making this more difficult then it 
needs to be. I guess the other factor making me nervous is that Brandon had 
another hypoglycemic seizure yesterday morning. To all the pumper pro's out 
there...is there anything else I need to do between now and Monday morning 
and any ideas in dealing with a difficult school nurse?
This is the best support I have found in my almost 6 years dealing with D. 
Thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful group.

Brandon's Mom

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