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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #124

At 06:40 AM 5/7/1999  Maria Storm wrote:
 >How often do people really change sites?  I use the Silhoutte Infusion
 >sets and change them every five days with no negative impacts I'm yet
 >aware of.  What do all of you do?

I think this is a very individual situation and each person is different. I 
was taught that when using Humalog, to change sites every 3 days and when 
using Velosulin to change every 5 days. A few weeks ago I tried an 
experiment and tried to see how long I could go using Humalog. After 4 days 
my site was very red and sore. So, I'm back to the "every 3 days" routine. 
However, other people have reported going for 5 days using Humalog without 
a problem.

I think every 3 days for Humalog and 5 days for a Regular-type insulins is 
probably safe for most people. Going any longer than that will be up to 
what your body can tolerate. And, I have no idea if there are any long-term 
implications to using your sites longer or not.


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