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Re: [IP] frequency of set/site change

   Thanks for sharing your son's story. It serves to illustrate several 
pertinent facts: a) despite the best efforts of well-intentioned 
"pump-coach-parents", even generally responsible & diligent 
pre-teen/teen/young adult pumpers will do STUPID things regarding their 
self-care  b) despite said parents' feeble attempts to PREVENT the pitfalls, 
sometimes the kids NEED to fall into those pits before they're willing to 
admit that their methods aren't succeeding and c) the medical community's 
general reluctance to put kids on pump therapy is very shortsighted, because 
a "ha - told you so" reaction to your son's story would completely miss the 
point that he IS "corrigible" & eventually conceded that his way wasn't the 
best approach.....
    Within 2 months of beginning pump therapy at age 13, Melissa suffered a 
severe site infection. The dermatologist for whom I was working & her 
nephrologist husband were appalled & immediately said "oh she's obviously too 
young to be using a pump". Wisely, I ignored their well-meaning concerns, 
despite the fact that on 2 other occasions, we had to intervene to stave off 
site infections before they worsened. In over 2 years now, thanks to more 
diligent hygiene, Melissa has had no site infection problems...but had I been 
persuaded by those 2 physicians that a teenager couldn't handle this, I'd 
have done her a disservice by denying her the "start of the art" technology 
to best live with diabetes. 

Regards, Renee 
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