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[IP] off-topic, unedited and html letters to insulin pumpers

Dear Tina Yancey,

I read your recent e-mail to the insulin-pumpers listserv.  I get it on the
digest, which is a chain of letters connected into a single letter.

Your letter, which quoted two other letters verbatim, reached me in code
because of the html/mime code your e-mail sender inserts, that I had to sift

I know it must be interesting to see your posts with "Lucida Calligraphy",
but to my computer it appeared as 40 pages of code set in "true type Arial".

Please edit for economy.  Your inclusion of the other pumpers' 2 letters
made your letter more than 6 times longer.

Also, though your brief contribution (6 lines, 1/3 page) is about problems
specific to the MM sports guard, the subject reads "disappointed in MM
supply rules".  How about if we all try making subject headings more

And, please see how to reset your program for "text only".

Sam Skopp sent an e-mail recently detailing how to make the change.

Here it is, again, verbatim.

>Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 19:58:31 -0700
>From: Sam Skopp <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Public Notice: HTML and styled text
>Many members on the list are using HTML text when they post here. I realize
>that it may look more interesting to post using different fonts, colors and
>styles. However, the problem is that many of our readers simply cannot read
>your posts when you do this. So, in order to make this list readable to ALL
>users, please use ONLY plain text.
>If you're not sure if you are sending plain text or not, check the
>a. Can you make selected text bold, italic or underlined? b. Can you change
>the color of text of selected words in your message? c. Can you change the
>font size on selected words in your message?  If the answer to any (or all)
>of these questions is "yes" then you are using HTML or styled text in your
>In virtually every e-mail program there is a way to turn on plain text
>Since each program uses different methods, it's hard tell you the specific
>steps for all programs. I do have instructions for two programs. People
>using other mailers may want to post the procedures here. I'll try to
>cumulate this information for future use.
>1. Go to: Tools / Options / Send.
>2. Make sure the "Plain Text" setting is selected.
>3. Click on O.K.

>1. Click on: Tools / Options
>2. Scroll down to Styled Text.
>3. Make sure that the box for "Send plain text only" is checked.
>4. Click on O.K.

>Please let me know if there are any questions about this. Thanks for your
>help and cooperation.

>Sam Skopp
>Insulin Pumpers Administrator for the Week

Sorry, I don't want to seem critical, but really, this letter was 120-times
longer than it had to be.

Richard Aleksander
email @ redacted

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