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[IP] frequency of set/site change

My son has been pumping for two and a half years, For most of that time, he
has changed his set as rarely as possible. (Like when it was about to fall
out :-) ) He had good control and no site problems with this.

HOWEVER, a couple of months age his A1c was way up (9.2) all of a sudden. He
talked it over with his endo, and agreed to change  the set every other day
for one month... just as a test. We didn't change any other things, not the
amount of insulin, food, insulin to carbs, none of that. At the end of 4
weeks, the A1c had dropped to 8.6, and his numbers had been like
"non-diabetic" numbers, according to the doc.  Now my son, who hates the
set-changing process, is a converted every-other-day changer. His exact
quote "maybe the pump company knows what it is talking about in the

So, I guess he got away with it OK for a while, but following the
recommended protocol has been amazingly better. I had talked myself hoarse,
trying to get him to change more often... but his A1c had been in the
6.5-7.5 range. It took the high number to make a believer out of him.   Just
our experience, yours may be different.

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