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Re: [IP] Getting Pregnant and having a baby w/ Type 1

Hi April,

I've been reading the various posts about people's different pregnancys with
interest.  I have had 2 children.  My daughter is 6-1/2 and my son is 3.
With both pregnancys I was on MDI.  The most important thing my first doctor
told me is to have your A1C in "normal" range or as close to that as
possible prior to even attempting to become pregnant.  Well, I did this with
both pregnancys and my daughter weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz. and my son weighed 8
lbs. 5 oz.  Both had slightly low blood sugars when they were born but other
than that were perfect.   During my pregnancys I had some problems but they
were mostly regarding common everyday pregnancy problems, swelling ankles,
they thought for a while I had placenta previa with my son, not enough
amniotic fluid at one point, etc.  The diabetes was not easy to keep in
control.  But knowing I had a life growing inside me was enough incentive to
me to do my best.  THis does not mean it was easy or perfect, diabetes never
is either of those.  However, I have 2 healthy children both delivered
vaginally.  I also had a lot of ultrasounds to check on size, etc. while
pregnant and I went in 2 times a week for NST tests the last 10 weeks as
well.  My son was born 3 weeks early and my daughter was 1 week early.  But
like I told the doctor I think that was because he examined me! :-)  No
proof on that but they examined me with my daughter and I went into labor
that night.  Then with my son they examined me and I went into labor the
next day soooo. . ..   Both times they had me set up for inducing on my
actual due date because they did not want me to go over.  In my case it was
not needed.  It is not easy but I don't think any pregnancy is ever easy if
you are trying to do everything possible to have a healthy baby.  Best of
luck to all of you on the list that are pregnant or trying to be!  It is
well worth all of the hard work!


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