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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #124

I'm new to this on-going dialogue - Please let me know if I am not 
following protocol....

I've been on the MM pump since November and have a few questions I 
have not seen addressed, at least not in the past few days.  Here they 

How often do people really change sites?  I use the Silhoutte Infusion 
sets and change them every five days with no negative impacts I'm yet 
aware of.  What do all of you do?  A related question, I wear the pump 
tucked under my bra.  This is very comfortable and I completely forget 
about for hours at a time but when I take the pump out to bolus, it is 
quite warm (98.6, I would guess).  Does this harm the Humalog?  
Neither my doc nor the MM technicians had an answer. I don't really 
notice any degradation in insulin effect but I really haven't 
monitored it carefully.  Finally, one of the only things tht troubles 
me about the pump is the incredible generation of non-biodegradable 
materials.  I know, obviously, you can't recycle infusion sets et. al. 
but what about all those test strip containers.  I have an enormous 
brown bag full which I refuse to throw out because I know there must 
be some good reuse for them.  Any ideas?

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