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Re: [IP] Using COLD insulin is NOT a good idea....

April, last year John Neale and I and others had a thread on this list
about bubbles arising from cold insulin.  When you do the physics
calculation, however, there is only about 20- 25 or so microliters or air
(which volume equals about 2 U of insulin) that will come out of a full 3
ml syringe in going from the fridge to room temp.  This is not enough to
cause the kind of problem you have experienced.  As Ruth notes, there is
likely some other problem here.
I'm surprised that Minimed is spreading this kind of misinformation. .....
On second thought, maybe I'm not so surprised,,,

<<<<<<<From: Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted
This seems like an odd explanation.  I can only add my experience but in all
the years I have had a pump, I have almost always used cold insulin straight
from the fridge.  Back in the pre-human insulin days, I think I sometimes
left it unrefridgerated, but that was a long time ago.  Anyway, I use cold
humalog all the time (today in fact) and it works fine.  The 2 hour high
sounds like a site problem.  Sometimes you run into sites that just aren't
working and need changing.  2 hours is about how long it would take to
irrefutably demonstrate this.  After a while, you will get adept at catching
them early -- at maybe 180 or 200 -- on ocassions when you know the high
can't be from not eating and other causes.  I haven't figured out why
bubbles seem to be such a problem for new pumpers and at certain times in
pumping.  But for seem reason I seem to go for years with minor bubble
problems when I fill up and then they resurface and I have to start fussing
with them.  I'm not sure what I do to avoid them, although I don't work too
hard at it when things are working, but most of the time I see few bubbles
and have few high bgs from bubbles.  Other list serve members have offered
all kinds of helpful techniques for this.  Bubbles can cause high bgs, but
generally are fairly easy to push out of the syringe and tubing and
shouldn't cause too long a high since you will get a bubble and then insulin
again and the high bg bolus should make up the difference.>>>>>>>

* Wayne *

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