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Re: [IP] Disappointed in Minimed supply "rules"

Sam, as you know everyone seems to have different insurance these days.  I
have Blue cross/shield in maryland.  The way they provide support for us
diabetics is through their major medical.  This is really stupid because it
leads to abuse.  One doesn't need any doctor's advice or prescription to
order what you need.  Last year , after I met my deductable, I ordered
another year's supply (for free).  I know others who do this, and then give
away or resell supplies to other diabetics--not very legal, but its one of
the few ways for little people to get back at the often corrupt and
insensitive insurance providers.
	Right now, I can only order a 3 month supply of insulin on the
prescription plan.   The Blues would be much smarter to put all pump and BG
testing supplies on their prescription plan here, but they clearly are not
much smarter :-)

>>>>>>I wonder if this has more to do with insurance company rules, rather
MiniMed rules. I know that with my insurance company, I cannot re-order
supplies until after 90 days. But, as long as the total number of "things"
do not exceed  your quarterly allowed amount, I don't know why anyone would
care. In my opinion (for what its worth), as long as you don't exceed the
maximum number of allowed total sets, it shouldn't make any difference.
But, you may also need to have the doctor re-write the prescription to be
more specific.
It may be worth a call to your insurance company to ask about this. (You
may also find out that after using the silhouettes for awhile that she may
not want to go back to the softsets).

* Wayne *

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