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[IP] Silhouettes/Lucinda

We put a piece of tegaderm over Erica's Silhouette if we know she is
going to be SUPER active or swimming. (We used to do it with all her
sites at first, but have found it is not necessary for her, even with
her level of activity)   I cut a center hole in it, and place the piece
of tegaderm over the Connecter site allowing the disconnect piece to
poke thru the hole(prior to connecting the tubing :-).  it works great,
she can still disconnect, and it  leaves a nice clean area as 'woolies'
and the like don't cling to the edges of the tegaderm like they do to
the edge of the Silhouette tape.  We love the Sils and disconnect for
swimming, bathing, & showering.  Hope this helps.
Barb...Erica's mom....still happily pumping  51 days 23 hrs and 49
minutes!! but who is counting?

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