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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #120

> Subject: Re: [IP] teaching
> well, i would like to be a secondary english or history teacher, and i am
> just wondering how diabetes affects your job, if at all... my mom keeps
> telling me not to become a teacher(she teaches second grade), and says that
> it's hard to take sick days,  health insurance is bad, don't get paid
> enough, too much stress, etc etc etc...
> julie

I'm a certified special ed. teacher and have found good insurance, decent pay, and
no need to take many sick days.  In fact, I have never taken a sick day due to
diabetes, unless you count scheduled medical appointments.  As for the stress, most
of those "sick" days were actually related to preserving mental health ;-)

Bottom line: if you want to teach, then teach.  Diabetes should not be a barrier.

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