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[IP] Alarms and sleepless nights

i've been having a ton of problems with my pump since yesterday.  bg's =
gradually got higher and by the time i came home at midnight or so i was =
almost 500 with moderate ketones.  i had been getting an a-25 alarm, but =
the book said to do a self test, and that came out ok.  i changed the =
site yesterday afternoon, so that wasn't the problem.  i later started =
getting an a-35 alarm, which means the pump is detecting resistance.  i =
took shots all night and checked bg's every 2 hours and drank fluids and =
checked ketones...needless to say mom and i got no sleep. =20

Julie I got an A25 last week and when we called the rep told us that it 
probably had to do with interference.  Electromagnetic something 
interference.  It seems my youngest who is an ex preemie and has many health 
problems, has equipment that is causing interference.  I need to remember to 
keep the case on so it limits the interference.  I don't know if this might 
pertain to you but this is what I found out.

dx 1982 at age 16
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