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Re: [[IP] Using COLD insulin is NOT a good idea....]

"April M. Mar" <email @ redacted> wrote:
I didn't know this, probably most of you do.  But just in case there are
a few who don't I thought I'd pass on todays experience.

My BS for the last 2 hours have been in the upper 400's.

I finally just took a regular syringe and gave myself some insulin
because I discovered the pump wasn't delivering.

After looking everything over and discussing it with a Minimed person
this is what we came up with.

I changed my set yesterday and I always keep my insulin the fridge and
take it out when I do my set change.  The lady said to NEVER use cold
insulin, let it warm to room temp first.  She says when it warms up in
the tubing and pump it can get gasseous and cause air bubbles in the
tubing.  Which is what I was seeing, the insulin wasn't coming out
unless I myself pushed on the syringe because there was a lot of air at
the end of the tube, yet it had delivered fine up until this afternoon.

Hope this helps someone.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Does this apply only to Humulog, or all types=
insulin? I use velosulin and I always use it right out of the refrigerato=
r. I
never have any problems with bubbles while filling or any time.A few may =
left in the cartridge at the end of the supply, but I was told this was
normal. Also if the bubbles were no larger than champagne bubbles, they s=
not cause any problem.
dxd 1971
pmpg '97

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