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Re: [IP] There's a Fungus Amongus

> At 03:15 PM 5/6/1999  Lob wrote:
>  >Here is another article about L - whatever it is!
>  >>Thursday May 6 3:42 PM ET
>  >>
>  >>African Fungus Could Leads To Diabetes Pill-Study
>  >>
>  >>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A compound purified from a fungus found in the
>  >Democratic Republic of the Congo may help
>  >>lead to the development of a pill that could treat diabetes, researchers
>  >said Thursday.
> Well, my main question is, how will I load these pills into my pump?!?
> Sam
> (now planning on dry-pumping... <vbg>)

More Importantly, Sam, what size of infusion set will I have to wear?

Geo. Lovelace   ;>)

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