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Re: [IP] Getting Pregnant and having a baby w/ Type 1

I have two children and have had diabetes for 20 years now. Both my 
pregnancies were difficult-many lows and highs but I watched them carefully 
and tried to keep levels at a 6.0. I had a diabetes educator nurse call me 
daily and adjust my insulin levels-she really helped alot but was kind of a 
drill sargent-sometimes I would dread her call. I was not on the pump either 
so I had to do this all by injections. Both my girls were healthy and born at 
38 weeks-I was induced to insure that the babies were not too large. I also 
had to have an amniocentis done to see if the lungs were mature before they 
induced. Lots of agony but so very worth it-I am so happy with my kids and am 
considering trying for that third...
Good luck 
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