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[IP] Pregnancy

Have you been on a  pump while pregnant ?
What were your Hb A1c ?
What happened to your friend ?
I am sorry for all those questions but I am very worried for having a
healthy pregnancy  and baby

I have had 4 pregnancies with diabetes. None while on a pump, all with MDI 
using UL and R.  One of them resulted in a premature delivery of my last two 
children but that occurred because it was multiple gestation.  2 out of the 
other 3 were fine and I ended up with a healthy daughter and a healthy son.  
My first pregnancy occurred while I was ill and suffering some acute 
complications with my diabetes.  It was unplanned andbetween the stress and 
the kidney failure that resulted I lost that baby at 17 weeks.  With gross 
neurological problems and defects.  That is why in my opinion that it is so 
important for us to plan the pregnancies and be in excellent control.  Much 
better outcome when my two healthy children were planned then when my first 
pregnancy was a surprise.  Hang in there though, the work is well worth it.  
I did it 4 times because to me each child has been a wonderful experience and 
addition to my life and I miss extremely the two that died but that would 
never have prevented me from having the three that are alive.

dx 1982 at age 16.
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