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Re: [IP] Shot-Free Insulin Treatments Tested!!!!

Well, I understand where your coming from, but when you live in an area
(South Texas) where almost every other person is either a Type 2 or a good
candidate to become one, you feel like your diabetes does not count for
anything. I just took a class on diabetes care where I felt like an outsider
because I was the only one in class w/type I. The instructor would offer say
when I made comments, "oh just remember class, she's a type I and her
situation is a little different". So believe me that when I wish I had a
local JDF chapter in town. I even wanted to attend a type I support group
and was told the cutoff age was 18 (I'm 27), so you see type 2 is probably
as bad as type 1, but I understand the stance of JDF. Most type 1 do not
have insulin in our systems anymore and if it were not for the insulin we
would die. Some have died because they could not get enough insulin into
their bodies. I feel, that a type 2 has alot more options for treating their
diabetes than a type 1. I happy that the pump has come along and becoming
more popular, but believe I would choose to take pills, exercise, and eat
healthy anytime than have  to inject or live w/ a machine attached to me
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><< People with Type I diabetes, the most serious form of the disease, >>
>Ya know, I have a real problem with this. I believe all diabetes is serious
>and no one type is *more* serious than the other. Furthermore, I think that
>statements like this (and I know it comes from the JDF -- a major problem I
>have with that organization) lead type 2s, and their docs, to believe that
>type 2s don't *really* have diabetes.
>Just my opinion.
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