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Re: [IP] Disappointed in Minimed supply "rules"

>   I am new to this site.  I read what you were saying about mixing
>   the
> silhouettes and the soft sets.  I have had the same problem.  I have
> to go through Bscientific Diagnostics in Dallas.  My insurance is
> Blue Cross and Blue Shield and mini med is not on their"LIST"  I get
> so tired of hearing what is not on their list. 

Time to start another war.
Call BS and ask for the name and number of the medical director (It's 
different for each state).
Call his/her office and speak to anyone who answers. Explain that 
1) minimed makes the darn things
2) they cost less through mm and you would like to keep costs down.
3) the existing supplier is giving you a hard time
4) etc.....
The usual stuff about your tired of it, etc.... will go the the 
insurance commissioner if necessary, the supplies you want are the 
same price (Sils/Sofsets), it's medical necessity, we're dealing with 
a poor little child here, congressman, etc...

It may be a hassle, but you will eventually win.

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