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Re: [IP] Disappointed in Minimed supply "rules"

tina yancey wrote:

> Brit likes the silhouettes better.  She says that they don't hurt like
> the soft sets.  I guess because she is firm and doesn't have a lot of
> fat tissue.  Any how whatever, she likes them better and that is what
> matters.  But, she like your daughter would love to be able to
> disconnect quick with the handy quick release feature that comes with
> the soft set.  They won't let us get two kinds at once 50-50 either!
> There is also another little girl in our community who also complains
> the same thing.  You know what I think would be great is if the
> silhouette could come with a quick release feature instead of that
> hard to do at site disconnect.

This doesn't sound like how I use Silhouettes (Comforts, actually, but
they are the same thing) The base disk IS a
Quick Release and that's how I use it.

> Brit has to wear iv 3000 tape over her site to keep her clothes from
> rubbing and she takes 4 dance classes a week and all those wild moves
> would also pull out the infusion a little, but not with the tape
> there.  The tape really helps....except for when it comes to
> disconnecting!  She always just keeps her pump on even when she takes
> a shower.

I find it hard to see how a flat disk that's as thin as the Silhouette
base could cause much friction on clothing. I've used them
for 4.5 years without having any real problems, clothes just slide right
over them without any trouble unless I put a lot
of pressure on the base at the time. If she really needs the tape over
the base I'd suggest she cuts a large hole in the middle of the tape
that will clear the sides of the base circle and apply it BEFORE putting
the connection together. That way she can use the Quick Release AND have
it overtaped.

> She puts it in the swim pack and hangs it on the shower door.  But,
> for swimming the swim pack does NOT cut it.  We do it all perfectly
> but that swim pack fills up with water.  So, she must disconnect when
> swimming.  Sometimes pulling the tape off makes the infusion mess up
> and so change out early time.  I know that I have gone on too much.
> So sorry.  But it would help a lot of active kids if the silhouette
> had a quick release!!  Could we lobby mini med?

I doubt they'd understand it, since the Silhouette, Comfort and Tender
sets are all made to be a Quick Release item.
Other non-Teflon canula sets (Rapids, for instance) don't disconnect at
all. Most people don't put any tape over them because the tape under the
base is usually more than strong enough. Apparently her skin is
different, which causes this problem, but it is NOT common as far as I

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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