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[IP] Disappointed in Minimed supply "rules"

Hi folks.
  Today I received a call from Minimed, confirming my order I placed for 
Amy's supplies. I asked for 3 boxes of Sof-Sets and 2 Sils, as Amy will be 
using the Sils more and more in the "swimwear" months.  I was told I cannot 
mix sets in an order! This is due to the fact that all sets have the same 
insurance code, and if purchased in the same order, they cannot differentiate 
the cost. I asked them if this was not something they thought about fixing. 
The reply was "No.". So, if I want both types of sets, I have to wait 90 days 
(min. $ amt. they will ship) and again order. If I wait 90 days, summer will 
almost be over! And I can't risk getting all Sils now, as we have only tried 
them 2 times and I'm just not sure Amy is too keen on the idea!  Also, we 
have NEVER had any problem getting supplies for Amy - they bill our insurance 
and any remaining costs have been billed to us and promptly paid. Today I'm 
told everyone must now pay up front what insurance will not cover before the 
shipment is even sent. I think this stinks! Of course, she will make an 
exception "this one time" since Amy's supplies should have been mailed out 
last week and she's close to running out!
  I guess I would like to know from anyone out there - How is the mail supply 
order businesses handling pumping supplies? Any hassles? We would only order 
pump supplies, as her insulin is purchased where I work. What do you all 

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