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Re: [IP] Shot-Free Insulin Treatments Tested!!!!

In a message dated 99-05-06 16:54:16 EDT, you write:

<< I believe all diabetes is serious 
 and no one type is *more* serious than the other. Furthermore, I think that 
 statements like this (and I know it comes from the JDF -- a major problem I 
 have with that organization) lead type 2s, and their docs, to believe that 
 type 2s don't *really* have diabetes. >>

My opinion as a CDE joins yours. Type 2 is most costly and most devious. When 
"diagnosed", most tye 2's have had it for 5 to 10 years and it is usually a 
major comlication (costly) at that. The only "bad" kind of diabetes is the 
one that is not under control. Education is the key to learning control and 
self management. Sorry, to be so vocal here. We have been "re-designed" 
according to the new HCFA "proposed" regulations. We lose money, not make 
money, helping people. The Federal Government will limit how much education 
you can have, if on Medicare, and the insurance companies are following suit 
for those not on Medicare. I am predicting and increase in the cost of 
complications in the next 5 to 10 years, and an increase in the use of ER and 
urgent care type facilities. So, fewer people will be available to help the 
newly diagnosed and the previously diagnosed who develop problems.
Barbara B. ( currently, one of 3 less people available)
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