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Re: [IP] Shot-Free Insulin Treatments Tested!!!!

email @ redacted wrote:
> << People with Type I diabetes, the most serious form of the disease, >>
> Ya know, I have a real problem with this. I believe all diabetes is serious
> and no one type is *more* serious than the other. Furthermore, I think that
> statements like this (and I know it comes from the JDF -- a major problem I
> have with that organization) lead type 2s, and their docs, to believe that
> type 2s don't *really* have diabetes.

Yeah, there's that drama sydrome again. Type 2 is so slow and
surreptitious in its development, it's very easy to ignore it as being

But just ask someone who's gone blind, or lost legs, or had a heart
attack at an early age how mild it is!!

Even though they're 2 different diseases, both types of diabetes ARE
killers, and cripplers, and ALL people with DM deserve the best of

Hangin' in there,
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