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Re: [IP] Shot-Free Insulin Treatments Tested/Paul Recer

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Date: Thursday, May 06, 1999 4:52 PM
Subject: [IP] Shot-Free Insulin Treatments Tested/Paul Recer

>Just thought you would want to know there is a HUGE error in the story I
>received today titled
>Shot-Free Insulin Treatments Tested
>.c The Associated Press
>WASHINGTON (AP) -- Researchers who tested more than 50,000 natural and
>synthetic substances say they have found a fungus compound that acts like
>insulin, raising the possibility that diabetics in the future may take
>instead of shots.
>Paragraph 10:
>In type II diabetes, which affects about 10 percent of Americans over the
>of 40, patients are able to make insulin, but cells in the body become
>insensitive to the hormone. Type II diabetes usually is controlled by diet,
>weight loss and taking pills that improve the body's utilization of
>Some drugs recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration are for
>treatment of Type II diabetes.
>YOU NEED TO RECHECK YOUR FACTS!!!  Type II diabetes affects 90% NINETY!!)
>Americans!  It is Type I diabetes that only affects 10%

Sorry, but I must beg to differ. I believe the generally accepted figure is
that 90 pecent of DIABETICS are Type II, and 10 percent of diabetics are
Type I.

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