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Re: [IP] Insurance Question

email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi all
>   Just wondering over all how this works? I have someone working on getting
> pump approval for me.   I see some of you it has taken quite a long time -
> months.  How quickly has it gone through for others weeks?   In my case our
> insurance co. is in Ohio, but I live in Penn. so Insurance co. is Anthem, but
> Penn. is Blue Shield.  The person working on this for me is at our Dm center
> here in town and seems pretty confident this will go through.  Just wondering
> how this has gone for most of you, or  do any of you have either of these
> ins. co.s  ?

I've had Anthem for the last year and a half. Just had them get me my second pump

in February. My old 506 was out of warranty and getting bit beat up from 5 years
use, so I told my PCP that I needed a replacement.

It took a few weeks to get things straightened out with them. They weren't so
resisting getting it as throwing bureaucracy at me while they figured out what a
IS. Seem to be a bit shy of experience on the subject....

Actually the major problem was that they told me I MUST order it from a local
supplier that they specified. When I called there I was told they knew nothing
about pumps and wouldn't handle them......So I called Anthem back and told them
my mail order supplier that I usually order infusion sets from could get me a
They ARE only about 60 miles away. So they did. No bit deal, about 3 to 4 weeks

Incidentally, you may want to mention to them that they can save mney by ordering
pump directly from MiniMed or Disetronics. My supplier adds quite a bit to the
bill, and
MiniMed could have saved them quite a bit, regardless of the fact that they're in
I just got hung up on the "local supplier" routine, but they really only drop
ship it from MiniMed
to here anyway, so why waste the insurance companies money needlessly? The
support you
need for training etc really isn't from the supplier anyway, your diabetes health
care team
takes care of that wherever  you live anyway....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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