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[IP] Pregnancy and Type I

	I went through my pregnancy almost five years ago (Sarah's birthday
is June 13).   Having been a diabetic for 22 years at that point and being a
physician, I know all the possible problems that could occur.  
	What I did was start getting my sugars under really good control
about eight months before we started "trying".  Even though my glyco was in
the mid-6 range when we got pregnant (a bit higher than my OB wanted), my
daughter turned out perfect!  Yes, it was a stressful pregnancy.  I did not
have quite the glow that other non-diabetic pregnant women might have.  And
yes, my sugars were not always perfect.  I was on multiple injections at the
time as my OB didn't like the pump during pregnancy in case of malfunctions.
I was also on Vasotec, a med for proteinuria, when I got pregnant.  I
stopped it as soon as I found out I was pregnant
	All this to say that the joys of having a child are well worth the
stress of worrying about your sugars for nine months.   I wouldn't give up
my daughter for anything!

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