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Re: Re: [IP] Need Your Opinions...Please!

Richard,  No problem with storing insulin in the MM syringes as Marilyn has
already said.    I don't know of any reason why air in the vial would
degrade the insulin.  Insulin is not paint.  It comes with air in the
bottle and in solution.   At the end of the bottle there is still air in
the bottle and air in solution.
	Dont' know why D still supplies glass cartridges.   But since both
glass and plastic  work equally well for D, that's proof that plastic works
just fine.   I don't see any need to risk breaking a glass syringe or
cartridge.   Have you tried to buy a glass insulin syringe lately?  They
are still made, but one will cost you the price of a hundred plastic ones.

<<<<<There's another issue not mentioned:  not storing insulin in cartridges
leads to leaving the insulin with a large quantity of air in the vial which
it is claimed degrades it.  That was what the first writer was complaining
of, and why I suggested filling three cartridges at once, emptying the
Also, what of my question, Why does MM use only plastic cartridges while D
uses both?  And, can MMs cartridges be capped and stored over time, filled
with insulin?>>>>>>>>>>

* Wayne *

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