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[IP] Shot-Free Insulin Treatments Tested/Paul Recer

Just thought you would want to know there is a HUGE error in the story I 
received today titled

Shot-Free Insulin Treatments Tested
.c The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Researchers who tested more than 50,000 natural and 
synthetic substances say they have found a fungus compound that acts like 
insulin, raising the possibility that diabetics in the future may take pills 
instead of shots.


Paragraph 10:
In type II diabetes, which affects about 10 percent of Americans over the age 
of 40, patients are able to make insulin, but cells in the body become 
insensitive to the hormone. Type II diabetes usually is controlled by diet, 
weight loss and taking pills that improve the body's utilization of insulin. 
Some drugs recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration are for the 
treatment of Type II diabetes.

YOU NEED TO RECHECK YOUR FACTS!!!  Type II diabetes affects 90% NINETY!!) of 
Americans!  It is Type I diabetes that only affects 10%.  As one of those 
few, the proud, the insulin user, I resent being lumped into that OTHER 90%, 
but in truth - that is a really really really HUGE error.  I mean, if it was 
like 45% and 55% I could understand switching the two, but 90% and 10%

yours truly
A Type I with an "A" personality

naughty naughty!!

All diabetic patients must frequently check glucose levels in their blood in 
order to properly control their disease.

Zhang said that, unlike insulin, L-783,281 can be taken as pills. The 
compound can be absorbed by the digestive system and still act on the cells 
of the body. Insulin is destroyed by digestion and, for this reason, must be 
given by injection, a regimen that is often difficult for patients to accept.

Dr. Robert Goldstein, vice president of research at the Juvenile Diabetes 
Foundation, said the discovery of L-783,281 ``is a real advance'' in diabetes 

``It offers the promise of an alternative approach in which patients would 
not have to have insulin shots,'' he said. But Goldstein cautioned that a 
great deal more study is needed before L-783,281 could be safely tested on 

``This still needs a lot of work,'' he said.

AP-NY-05-06-99 1619EDT

 Copyright 1998 The Associated Press.  The information  contained in the AP 
news report may not be published,  broadcast, rewritten or otherwise 
distributed without  prior written authority of The Associated Press. 


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