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[IP] Graphic artist needed

Hey, Y'all

The IP Humor Page is on its way to launch with one (1) completed section. It 
has words, but it's lacking, well ... art. We want art to go with the prose! 
Here's where you can help:

If there are any graphic artists out there who crave fame, fortune and the 
opportunity to work with a tempermental redhead (me) and a blonde (Joanne 
Mc), now's your chance! (OK, you get to work with Joanne and me.) Oh, and 
you'll also get to read the stuff before anybody else.

Must have warped sense of humor, talent, and the willingness to add one more 
duty to your schedule.

Please apply within to email @ redacted and email @ redacted We'll let 
Michael (email @ redacted) in on it, too. :-)


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