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Re: [IP] Low Blood Sugars and Driving

> << Why pull off the road? I eat in the car, change cds in the car, AND check
>  BG in the car. >>
> Hopefully not all at the same time!  
> States are now beginning to enact laws against talking on cell phones while 
> driving due to the number of accidents that have occurred while a driver was 
> talking or dialing.  
> In order to check your bg, you have to use both hands and you must take your 
> eyes off the road.  I think this is just as (or more) distracting than a 
> phone.  

I only have to take my eyes of the road for less than 10 seconds while I
poke and squeeze. I don't think I could dial a phone in the time it takes
me to poke.

> Do me a favor and let me know where you will be driving so I can stay away.  
> :-)

Southern New Hampshire -> Boston MA Area. Staying away would be good, we
already have enough traffic here :)

- -Jef

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