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Re: [IP] Astroids

     I occasionally see the asteroids or shooting stars - usually when my 
     BG goes low.  My opthmalogist didn't think there was any relationship 
     to the eye itself, but thought that it was something cerebral.  
     However, I posted the same question to this board a few months ago and 
     found that others have the same issue.  As for other complications, I 
     don't have any (knock, knock), but do tend to show a little protein in 
     my urine after heavy workouts.
     -David W.
     >Yesterday I visited my retina specialist because the last couple of 
     >weeks, I would had many little specs of white 'things" in my vision 
     >at one time and it alarmed me.  ...  Has anyone else been diagnosed 
     >with "asteriods" and has anyone else had excellent eye health and 
     >kidney damage at the same time?
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