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[IP] Getting Pregnant and having a baby w/ Type 1

It sound like a lot of you out there have gotten pregnant and had
healthy babies with you yourself having Type 1.

I have only been diabetic for about 5 years now.

I understand that the most important aspect is keeping your blood sugars
in control.  But I keep wondering because of the fact that even if you
work at it really hard they can still get away from you how you dealt
with it.

Meaning, when you were pregnant you must have had highs and lows
sometimes.  Did you children suffer any ill effects from occational
highs or lows that you may have had?

How difficult was it keeping control in the first trimester when I hear
your insulin needs change constantly?

It sure would be nice to know what to expect.  So I don't freak out that
I've damaged my baby for life if I ever have a high or low which I know
I will have, its inevitable to some point.

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Thank You.

April Mar
NW Micro-Technics
Software Trainer
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