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Re: [IP] Low Blood Sugars and Driving

At 09:33 AM 5/6/1999  Jef Lepine wrote:
 >Why pull off the road? I eat in the car, change cds in the car, AND check
 >BG in the car. It only takes a second to turn on the pump and slide a
 >strip in (which can all be done one handed). I then sticke the right hand
 >and get the blood in quickly; the whole process takes under a minute and I
 >can keep my eyes on the road.

I've also seen people reading a magazine or combing their hair while 
driving too. In my opinion, the fewer distractions that you have, the 
better. Just like I feel that using a cell-phone while driving can be 
dangerous (although, I have to admit that I've done it many times), I'd 
include BG testing in that category... it only takes a distraction of a 
fraction of a second to cause an accident. But, each person needs to make 
that decision for themselves. I would just hate to lose any of our 
membership to an accident on the road.

"Please be careful out there..."

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