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Re: [IP] Yeah, I Won the insurance battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>  Imaginge my surpise and elation when I
> realized I'd won my appeal for an insulin pump!!!!!!!  

Congratulations!!! :-))

It is rare indeed that this type of appeal is lost if you are 
persistent. The insurance company has made a contract with you that 
obligates them to provide treatment. A good number of them try to 
discourage their "clients" from receiving their contractual rights 
where pumps are concerned, however, preserverence pays off. The only 
time I can remember where one of our list members was unable, in the 
long run, to get their pump paid for was where the medical benefits 
were part of a union negotiated medical plan the was NOT provided by 
an insurance company, but by the employer or the union (don't 
remember which) under specific contract language that exclude such 

Our job here is to make sure that the ammunition for arguments made 
to the insurance companies is clear so that every person that wants a 
pump is eventually able to win their argument with the insurance 
company. The details of each WIN and the name of the insurance 
company is useful to our new list members still engaged in the 
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