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Re: [IP] alarms and sleepless nights

> i'm wondering if this sort of thing happens a lot or if it's a freak
> thing?  how could i have better prevented this?  has anyone ever had
> to use a loaner so theirs could get fixed?  i'm a little doubtful
> about using a loaner pump, but i guess i have no choice.  also, what
> happens if they can't fix it, or they can't find anything wrong with
> it?  

Nothing wrong with loaner pumps, they are the same or better than a 
new one. Look at it this way, they were known to work once upon a 
time. You can't say that about a 'new' one. The folks at MM are just 
being cautious on your behalf. They're pretty good about that. Don't 
fret about "what you could have done". S--t happens.
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