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Re: [IP] Low Blood Sugars and Driving

At 10:48 PM 5/5/1999  Joanne Spotten wrote:
 >I read a study last summer that
 >documented a drop in ability to drive
 >that started at 80.  This was done
 >with simulators and deliberately
 >creating hypos and comparing driving
 >ability when not hypo and at varying
 >bg levels in the same person.

This is just totally a personal thing, but I don't feel comfortable 
starting to drive if I'm much below 120. Although I'm perfectly rational at 
70-80, I don't like to take the chance of a drop while I'm on the road. 
Better to be a little high, but safe than to be at a more ideal level and 
possibly in trouble.

For me, although the pump is great, there are too many variables to totally 
depend on it for maintaining absolute stability while driving. Testing 
every couple hours while driving long distances is excellent advice (please 
pull off the road and stop, before testing).


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